DIPPRINTĀ® - transforming everyday objects into works of art.

From water, a winning technique with a low environmental impact.

The DipPrint® decoration system is designed, engineered and manufactured by Pozzi-Arosio, a leading company in the advanced polyurethane system sector. The company has a team of highly specialised technicians that support the customer from the design phase through to final operation of the system. We undertake:


• Review of the customer's specific parts and production output requirements

• Design and customisation of the system

• Technical training of personnel working on the system

• After-sales assistance supported throughout the world by the most up-to-date connection technologies.

• Development of new and customer-specific films


The environmental impact of this innovative technology is minimal, as the working processes do not leave any chemical residues that need to be broken down.

The evolution of the decoration for environmental protection