The objectives

DIPPRINTĀ® can transform any standard object into a unique beautiful product.

Objects of complex shapes and diverse materials can be transformed, using DipPrintĀ®, into items replicating exquisite wood, precious marble or effects such as coal, aluminium, Kevlar etc.

DipPrint® is ideal for transforming inexpensive materials into prestigious and high-quality items, in a wide range of market applications.

• DipPrint® technology is really unique for printing quality in definition and rendering even for convoluted shapes allowing at the same time the maximum variety of substrates. 

• DipPrint® is the best option, the winning solution, especially in cases where significant production difficulties come along with top level finishing requirements.

• DipPrint® is widely used in automotive, boat and aviation industry.

• DipPrint® allows the use for outside decorations of cheaper, more suitable (e.g. fire resistant) or lighter materials, and consequently considerable saving in costs for raw materials, transport, handling.

• DipPrint® decorated pieces show the best appearance you can image in every pattern you can image.

DipPrintĀ® is winning technology