The advantages

A world leader in 3D decoration technology.

DipPrintĀ® is the only technology, which through a simple ink transferring operation, enhances objects of complex shapes, which have proven difficult to decorate with conventional decorative techniques.

DipPrint® is the world’s leading technology for printing products that are large, difficult to wrap, or cannot be printed consistently by conventional decorating techniques. Companies have successfully turned to DipPrint® to overcome limitations of other decoration technologies, including other water transfer printing technologies.

DipPrint® is applied on vast number of surfaces, which lend themselves to varnishing, such as metals, woods, plastics, glass etc.

With DipPrint® decoration, the surface is reansformed into a refined material, assuming the appearance of the original pattern in all of its quality and definition, Even complex and 3D shapes do not run into difficulties with this innovative decorating technique. Small as well as considerably sizeable objects are easily transformed with DipPrint® decorating process. The application on many materials and convoluted forms offers an infinite range of application in all sectors of decoration.

Size of Parts

• Our standard machine has a 3x1m water tank, and a larger 3x1.3m tank is a larger size option.
• DipPrint® can therefore decorate:
  > Longer and wider pieces
  > Thicker pieces

Complex Shapes

There is no other decoration technology that can print more extensive and difficult shapes. All materials with complex shapes and printable surfaces have a greater vantages.

DipPrint® allows for:

> A well-definited personality

> A significant metamorphosis of the material

> A strongly technological appearance

> An increased aesthetic and artistic piece evolution


Film Quality

- High-definition prints
- The design on the film can be transferred onto objects with minimum bending angles and incisions
- The textures always finds the perfect and accurate way to transfer and adhere to the entire objects